Bringing back the avaliability to host a rust server on Linux

Enough said, i feel like this is benefital because me and many others find it easier to use Linux, just smack on a GUI and then run a rust server, I’ve been wanting for a long time to host my own rust server, however i’m only prepared to run it through Linux,

We all deserve choice and all have our personal preference and what works easier for us, i don’t have that choice and it’s quite upsetting, and the dream of mine to run a rust server, is yet again delayed, because i’m simply not comfortable with windows hosting,

thus Linux servers would have much more potential as they are more compact and genuinely cheaper for the amount of stuff you can get with it, for example i pay for a 12GB Ram Linux server for £7.

Anyway, thought i’d flag it yet again, wanted to see if i’d get atleast a reasoning why it was cut.

Thank you all in advance.

4 Days ago, i had wrote this post, i didn’t expect a reply from facepunch staff, but atleast a reply from the community, i don’t know why people hate linux so much, or why Facepunch stopped it’s development for rust, i hear theres a way with wine but i’m not prepared to bother with all that, I am not considered the only one that prefers hosting on linux, but appears one of the few standing up to it, it feels easier to manage, and is much cheaper than what most companies charge you now adays (This is where i get called a cheapskate) <— I don’t care! But seriously, why is this preference taken away from me, i just want to know.

The information is public: The devs posted in a devblog a long time ago, that you never bothered searching for, that they are currently not keeping a current Linux build in tandem with the Windows dedicated server build because the workload involved in keeping both platforms happy was too much for their release schedule.

Linux support has not been abandoned, it’s just not a priority right now while the baseline code is in so much flux. Welcome to alpha.

A long time ago, i might have had the game two months after the release but i hardly understood anything nor played it, now i love it, It’s not the matter of bothering to search for it, if you didn’t know it was there.

Devblog 20

Rust server documentation page (out of date by now, linked in the Server owners sticky thread)

And, well, here’s the current status of the last person who really was gung-ho about getting the Linux DS working (and why support’s just kind of dropped off for the moment):

The topic comes up every month or two by people who can’t even Google up the above posts (and Gachl’s history).

Fair enough, i thank you for you’re educational information, i guess if i really want to get somewhere, my best hope is windows, for a full working server.

I imagine that it won’t be as much of a chore keeping a Linux server build in a stable state once things have quieted down and the foundations are fairly set. Right now, the devs aren’t there yet.