Bringing back the RP in GModRP

I am planning to bring gmodrp to a much higher level. Some know me already because I’ve already made several updates to gmodrp.

but enough of that, I also look for lua coders to bring gmodrp back into in the rp world. i only need 2 coders should be enough.

so who is with me.

Lua coders:


o and YES I GOT PERMISSON because slob has abandon this and working on his “slobbase”

What changes have you made to it?

see for your self

You changed a few config lines and followed the tutorial for adding new items? Clever you.

its more than just items also created entity’s and made it work with drugzmod and alot more then “just items”

Give us a list what you did. Not including making it work with durgzmod (Yes, that’s how it’s spelled, due to a grammar error in the addon’s name :D) and adding items and entities.

All you did extra than what selby said was remove vending machines. That really isn’t that hard to be completely honest.

Good luck with whatever you intend to do now though.

unless i created the vending machine. but here is the complete list.

made over 25 jobs ( yeah this was easy)
made acidburner,
money printer(rewritten for gmodrp)
made cpr(weapon),
made a knife,
a med_kit swep,
a weaponchecker
weapons for the poeple who wants them ( i made 2 versions one with guns and one without guns)
fixed the chat bugs (drop not working, OCC range adjustit, made the govmoneylimit working better.
fixed company bugs(that was a mess, still is but fixed some things)
fixed sleep bug( when killed in sleep, you will never wake up again)
added japopy
added more items(pumpkin that kind of stuff quite easy)
added alot more models to play with
changed the admin commands a bit
changed money interval and more of that kind of stuff
removed the vending machine ( i created myself, the thing was to buggy to work)

so thats the list

So you made it into a DarkRP wannabe.

no darprp and gmodrp are two diffrent gamemodes

You made it worse, good job.

darkrp is bad,mkay?

but do we need another gamemode that is know almost completly the same,i mean guns?jsut rdms and shit

From what I remember this guy us actually adding guns to it.

guns was just the small add for this why do you think i made 2 versions one with guns and one without so poeple could choice if the want it or not

and yes i did at some darkrp features in gmodrp because if you take the rdm a way from darkrp then ist a good gamemode

And now we go through the same problem DarkRP did…alright, first I’ve got a tip for you.

GmodRP does not work with guns. Never has, never will. You must change the actual system of getting “jobs” before you can introduce weaponry, use whatever other system you feel will prevent minges from getting at those all important guns, and modify the system to either realistic standards, or to your own vision, it’s not hard to edit a gamemode, but it’s difficult (and actually more impressive) to take a gamemode, and make it your own.

You can find great roleplay in an roleplay without guns. I’ve done it plenty of times, you just need to play with the right people.

you say that you added all of those features listed above, but provide no pictures or not even a download?

there is a download link over here

Great, you posted a 404 error. Might wanna change that link.

He posted…&postcount=424. Literally, I’m not even joking, the “…” is actually in the URL.