Bringing Democracy to Garry's Mod


I’m representing a community named Defenders of Democracy. The name might seem way too serious, and I agree with you. The community was founded 2008 and has kept its name since then, and therefore it would be a pity to change the name to something a bit more modest now. Even though the name sure does sound too serious, it’s a very appropriate name since the actual community is something as rare, as a democratic community, with democratic constitutional rights for its members, and democratic values during its decisions.

Since 2008, a majority of the admins on our servers have been elected. We’re holding regular admin elections on the forums, in which all community members participate. The elections are held once every month. All community members are able to start a poll on the forums regarding any issue. The vote is always decisive unless it’s contradictive to our constitution.

All this probably sounds like something way too serious for a simple Garry’s Mod community. If I hadn’t actually experienced the community for four years, I would have agreed, without any doubt. The thing is that the whole democratic concept in the community has worked out really well since 2008. It gives all community members; new and old, the opportunity of sharing their opinions, receiving a staff role on the server, and having considerable influence in the community’s decisions.

Basically, the concept of community democracy has proven to be functional, pretty stable and a lot funnier than the classic community concept.

A friend of mine once told me that he thought about Occupy Wall Street when he heard the name Defenders of Democracy. Of course, we’re not naive enough to think that people have natural democratic rights in Garry’s Mod communities. All we’re saying is that we as a community like the democratic system, we find it highly enjoyable, and it’s working very well for us.

The message of democracy is popular!
The message of democracy has proven to be extremely popular. Our steam group has around 1340 members, even though; most of those members have gone inactive from the community. We’re hoping to shout out the message of democracy once again, and make the community a lot more active. In the old days of the community, we had a constantly active server, 24/7, and we hope to make our current one just as active again.

I would like to give you a brief look into our history. Defenders of Democracy was the first community I myself ever joined, and I was very dedicated within it. The community was popular and had a lot of members and an active server. But as everything else in this world, the community had an end. The original founders of the community became inactive and after 3 years, the community shut down. A remembrance video was uploaded on youtube, and the community received a worthy end. A long time pasted, and I myself created many communities. Some were successful and some weren’t. These were communities like Quality Quaestors and Genesis Roleplay. When I had managed all these communities and they had ended, I met up with one of the old founders of Defenders of Democracy. We talked about the old community and decided to revive it. We bought a new website and a new server and gather many old community members. Right now, the community has been successfully revived for a while. We’ve got a strong and functional server, and we’re coding a custom roleplay gamemode at the moment. Until the custom roleplay gamemode is done, we’re running a legit copy of HL2RP on our server. The roleplay theme is though Outlands RP and not City RP. Our only sincere con right now, is that we’re still not very active, nor populated. There’s where I hope, you can make a difference.

So, why did I create this thread? To advertise the community which I’m head administrator of? Obviously I would have an interest in doing so, but I hope to bring a more vital discussion. Basically I have explained how a democratic community concept has worked in reality, and I wonder what you think about it. Is it a good concept according to you? I hope that more communities try the concept out in the future.

If you would like to join our community you should visit the following links.

Steam Group:


Server IP:

Server Content:

Server Map:

Outlands RP Information:

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you’ll make a visit and have an enjoyable time! :smile:

So how exactly does this bring democracy into garrysmod?

Have you actually read the topic? If you’re refering to the title of the thread, it’s a way for communties to make Garry’s Mod (both gaming and community interaction) more democratic for both the players and the community members.

DD is back that good.
Playing on the server is better, they got the best admins and operators. Lots of fun and enjoyable events to.
new players are getting help to get started. Don’t know how to roleplay properly teached under 10 minuts.

The community is good, the admins are friendly always one active.

Enjoying to play on the server.

Defenders of Democracy will go long hope:)

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Playing the server for a bit, then I’m off, tired. It’s just an ordinary OpenAura with a couple of administrators that roleplay themselves and they don’t “administrate”, as in AFK or just bother everything you do. The server has a sad touch, it beingt night, and you feel lonely, in the outlands, fighting for survival. The Outlands server has a safe zone, where you can try to make a group of people and start some rules in case you get caught. The dangerous zone is when you enter past the warehouse, don’t worry you’ll notice when you’re in a dangerous zone.

I might check this out some time, I might…

Thanks for all the positive feedback and in some cases, constructive criticism. :smile:

I hope you’ll check by the server tomorrow (Friday), since we’re going to have a lot of events then, and hopefully gather a lot of players.

This is a pretty good community, and the owner knows what he’s talking about. I haven’t tried the server myself, however based on the people running this community I feel as if it’s a good server.

Awsome news that the |DD| is back i used to be a member of this community some years back and im really happy that it has reopened! Thanks to RonPaul4Ever!

This seems like something worth checking out.

As a server owner, we’ve tried this approach before. You can’t run a complete democracy, as some things cannot be left up for players to decide.

I don’t know if anyone around here knows except for maybe my players, I run EGI Build To Kill. Nearly every weapon we’ve got on the server, and every feature, has been a result of common player complaints. For example, our build armor script which we’ve had for ages, we used to allow open killing / building. However, the problem arose where people wishing to build were getting killed, and even if they politely asked to stop the request would be ignored, so the build armor was developed. Now, builders can build, and when they want to DM all they need to do is pull out a gun and the build armor shuts off.

The problem is, with “entire democracy”, is that players don’t always truly know what they want. You’ve got to remember that the majority of the the GMod community consists of people under the age of 15. While some of my best players have indeed been 12-14 years old, the fact is they don’t really know what they want. You could say, “Let’s vote to add nukes!” and most would say yes, until their shit starts getting blown up and then all of a sudden it becomes a huge problem.

So what we do, is we take community suggestions into consideration. Those who pass general acceptance are given a trial run on the server. If we like it, it stays, if not, it’s removed.

OP, good luck with your community. I just thought I’d chime in on the idea.

While a huge proponent of democracy and individual liberty in real life, in my experience, I haven’t been able to make it work on the internet. Let me know if you get anywhere. It might actually be a decent approach if you’re going to run RP

Your website is down, when will it be back up? This looks like a very interesting community. I had the idea for a fully democratic community a while ago and I always wanted to see one.

I see your point. I guess my community is taking democracy, in more of a “hardcore” way. We do though still have a constitution for making sure that naive decisions aren’t made too easily. All elected admins would, even though they are elected, be instantly demoted if they abuse. So we have a pretty good system to ensure a stable community.

My experience is that people makes their decisions after discussing the current issue very carefully, and listening slightly extra to the server owners.

If someone starts a vote regarding adding nukes on the server, I as a head administrator could give my input and say that I think it would be really destructive and it would be messing up the whole server. I know that at least most people in DD (Defenders of Democracy) would consider those words carefully and probably change their mind regarding the vote.

It’s of course a balance all the time. Some kind of über democracy could even be dangerous, but a form of democracy that has been organically developed and ensures stability, works very well.

It must have been down temporary.

It’s a video game. Who the fuck cares about this shit

this is just a damn sandbox game, who cares

Apparently 1,341 people do:

I explained how I resonate on that point very deeply in the thread.

something is just really funny about bringing democracy to a physics sandbox

First off, not everybody play Sandbox, and second, democracy is more vital for the community than the server.