Bringing old maps to OB engine :D

First map im porting to OB engine- cs_office (starting to look nice with the new engine and makes a world of difference)

What is the general atmosphere in cs_office? Is it meant to be night and snowing? or is it meant to be sun going up or down (the env_sun or what ever its called makes it look like its suposed to be a darkish map :confused: )


Oh and the only reason im doing this is its because i feel valve should keep their maps current with today’s technology but they don’t so im trying my best. You may remember me trying to convert HL2 which is still on my computer but i ran into some rode blocks since decompiling brings a lot of problems to the table so its shelved until i get HELP. If you would like to help it would be greatly appreciated (if u wonder why what i do seems idiotic maybe i am :smiley: but all i dream is hl2 to look as good as Episode 2 and then update to the episode after that and so on etc…) So any and all help is welcome and if u want to be an A-hole thats up to but i dont think its necessary.


Oh and as for one other thing u people are hard croud to please or get any respect from (at least some of you). If its not as good as your idea then its not good at all. So im saying now if you dont like it dont post i don’t want to read your “Oh its not worth the time this is a sucky idea ect…” Just cause it may not be your idea doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one IMO.

Before and After screenshots please. I honestly doubt it makes toss-all difference what engine you used to compile it.

Also if you want HL2 to look better get the cinematic mod.

Don’t be surprised that hl2 was difficult to recompile…decompiling butchers the brushwork. The sun just creates a sun in the sky, you still need a light_environment.

If anything this is your map, you shouldn’t have to ask what it needs to look like. Unless of course the only reason you are doing this is because you have no imagination of your own and need to get credit for remaking other peoples maps.

No im not taking credit at all valve gets full credit i never implied that i am taking credit. The ONLY thing i will be taking credit for is the updating.

Pictures please, I wanna see before and after pics like one guy said.

You don’t necessarily need to decompile the maps. My friend just took the HL2 maps and played through them in EP2 and that worked.

ok got the map almost converted but i get purple checkers over some of the textures (not in place of the textures but over them and its really shiney, in gmod) any fix for this?

Build cubemaps.

To do this, make sure there is at least one env_cubemap entity in your map. Once you’ve compiled it, go into the game and type “buildcubemaps” into your console. Voila, cubemaps are created and the purple shiny crap is gone. :smile:

A note: Every once in a while, HL2 (or w/e mod you’re on) will glitch and lose track of the cubemaps. Don’t worry, though; they’ll reload next time you load the map as long as they’ve been built once.

After screenies (not fully done. still needs to be tweeked):

lol. looks worse

It appears that decompiling it has caused a leak and it’s only using direct lighting.
Give up on this, you’re actually making it look worse =/

Let VALVe Do it, and if they don’t, then just get over it.

I tell you now, it’s a really bad idea. I tried decompiling/reconpiling when I first learned to map. It’s really not clever, how have you failed to notice how much your map is fucked up compared with the original? let me give you a few examples, including the direct only lighting due to a leak and mangled brushwork somewhere, next takes a look at the god awful purple checker reflections on your map, do you see them anywhere on office?

In conclusion, this is still a bad idea.

Just find the .bsp files in GCFScape and load them up in Ep2… I think even GMod does the same thing.