Bringing SB2 back with "The Grand Playbox"

I have with help of my 32 slots server ( re-created the

classic Spacebuild2

on a server. :toot:
Yes its true! No more shit in SB2, no huge model packs that all players need to download. The only thing that the players need is the map (sb_gooniverse).
You dont actually need all those model packs to have fun. I personally thinks its more fun to just really “build”. It gets too easy with all the Sents and models.

Well, of course such a great server comes with a community. The community is named "

**The Grand Playbox**

". and exists on steam. :waycool:

The server use Gcombat, Anti-Noclip, spawnpoint command, and a lot of other useful addons.

A- What is the point of this thread?
B- With this thread I want to tell people that the old classic spacebuild isn’t dead for servers, and I also want to invite people to my community and server.

Well, I hope you understand that I take no credit for Spacebuild, I just take credit for my community and my server.

So, if you think SB2 is fun and want to play, then please join!

If you don’t like this thread for some reason, please tell me why.

Co-owner of the community and server is “The Chip”. Yeah, the guy that recently uploaded that nude Alyx model on :quagmire:

The Server’s IP address:

No stargate? :frowning:

No Stargate. Its included in my shit-list. Sorry :sweden:

I don’t like your restrictions. The undo key is annoying. And ffs, no E2?
I tend to crash servers I don’t like. No idea why, but no ones on so.

Undo key? You mean like Z?

Yeah, it makes a horrid noise.
Yeah well…
I’ve had a hard time getting it to crash.
It disconnects twise a second, but nothing big.
Add meh?

First question: Why the fuck are you trying to crash a server you don’t like? Are you 10 or something?

Also OP, could you possibly move the IP address out of the bulk of the post? I skim read and almost missed it, I’m sure many others do too.

If its empty, then theres no need to worry about it.

Why are you trying to crash a empty server? That’s completely pointless.

Then again, Garry’s Mod is kinda pointless, so it fits.

Crashing servers is fucking dumb, even if they are empty, most GMod servers do not use the auto-restart plugins, so when you crash it, it stays down until a OP can fix it, well done, you just made yourself look like an asshole.

… Just remember that I can ban people without being in-game. The server got logs and a public ban list/page. We use Citrus… - The Ban List

Heh. I’m looking at your post and laughing.

No offence but, why would I be bothered by getting banned from a server I don’t like?

You apparently seem bothered just because you’re bothering to ask him.

Well maybe the fact that I bothered meant that I didn’t bother that you bothered to post, making the rest of this post completly pointless.

Well… Making this thread wasn’t like an invite for people to come and crash my server. Just come and play for fun.

whosdr, just stop posting.
Also, wire-less, no phx, fuck yeah vanillia gmod.
I just hate how every server is not based on physics-fun but nerdy geeks standing with their E2 doing boring shit.
Too bad nobody plays there :saddowns:

That server is cool!

If you want me to stop posting, then putting my name in a post doesnt really make me want to stop.

Yeah, Our server use PHX SVN and Wire SVN, Thats quality!
If you want players on the server, you have to play too =)
Well, We will meet on the server =)