Bringing up a Alien vs Predator RP for Gmod

Hello, this is Steffe. Currently my staff consists of two members; Birf and Norwegian Soldier. They will help me bring this idea to life.

We are going to start a AvP (Alien vs Predator) RP server, and it’s going to be epic. To accomplish this we will use Tacoscript.
Since me and my staff are new at this, It’s going to take some time. We will first start off hosting a HL2RP server, using OpenAura. This is controlled by Norwegian Soldier, altough I still host the server. We will recruit a real staff with coders, scripters, animators and mappers. Unfortunately we can’t pay since we don’t have any cash, but if you will help us, by applicating for one of the positions, then I guarantee that you will recieve developer status on our forums, and VIP status in-game, but there are some small requirements to join our team. You will need to be an experienced role-player (No DarkRP) and you have to be a decent person, not a douchebag. We want this community to be run smoothly.


When I have a nice staff and a decent community and a bunch of supporters who are willing to donate, I might be able to save enough money to buy a serverbox thanks to the donators. I will then be able to increase the slots to 32 players (maybe more) so more people can join. Once I know how everything works I will start working on the AvP server. It’s going to be unique, it’s gonna be fantastic. We will try to make it like the movies and the games. Adding facehuggers, predators, aliens. And of course humans. The plot is gonna be a mix of AvP2 the game and AvP3 the game. I will announce the plot on our forums when we have the AvP server up and running. The AvP server is going to attract alot of AvP fans out there, I will try to make the AvP RP server pleasing. Once I have donators for the AvP server so I can buy a serverbox I will immediatly do so. Then I will increase the slots for the AvP server.

What my staff needs:

  • Scripters
  • Coders
  • Mappers
  • Animators (To animate the predators and aliens and such.)

The reward is VIP status in-game and on the forums. You get all flags in-game too. But you’re still required to follow the rules, and the flags and/or status may be revoked for severe violations. In order to join our staff, you must of course be good at the job you’re applying for, and be a generally decent roleplayer. And as a part of our staff you represent the community, therefore you must appear as a friendly and helpful person.

So you’re the idea guy, right?

VIP status for doing ALL the work, sounds like a good deal to me.

I hope you realize that the GGD is not going to be friendly, nor helpful to your cause?

You might want to ask a mod to move this to

As they might be a bit more welcome to this idea over there.

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And, not to be cruel, but you might want to get a small proof-of concept up before you start recruiting team members, as a lot of these projects end up never getting off the ground, due to the lack of content produced.

Don’t worry too much about cost, see what you can do alone, and feel free to ask for help/ and recruit as you work. However, don’t expect people to help you if all you have is an outline of what you want.

Alright sorry didn’t see the gamemode development section

No problem :smiley:

oh, so like the Resident Evil RP, and Fallout RP, you just walk around and talk to other people, and the donators get all the fun, right?

lol… you would be better off just taking DarkDM remove all default jobs and just make 3 jobs using models/weapons from

I come to the lua requests forum to get a laugh. That’s just kind of sad

Whenever I read your posts, I always have to rate you “Agree”…