[BringYourOwnBeans] Rust Server - Powered by Oxide - [RareMilitary][DoorSharing][PvP][InstaCraft][Sleepers]+[Events!]

Come check our server out! Our admins work hard to make everyone’s experience fun and fair. By that we mean we never intervene in your fire fights and we constantly search for hackers & exploiters that can spoil a good play session. We update the server very quickly so you’ll never have to worry about playing an outdated version of the game and we don’t wipe the map so you can build really cool and amazing buildings. We have plenty of mods installed that make playing with your friends easier such as door sharing and group chat! Very soon we’ll be adding a starter kit to the server so new players & old players alike can spawn with the most basic necessities.

A lot of our server’s customizations come from the voice of our community! We take votes on what to enable/disable and which mods people would like added next. We are running a poll on our website right NOW to decide if we want to keep permanent sleepers on or make them temporary (15-20 minutes).

So if you’re interested come check the server out!
Press F1 and paste “net.connect” into the console

And take a look at our website & public TeamSpeak at www.bringyourownbeans.com

WIPED 01/12/14
Server Info:
Active admins
Noob Friendly
Door Sharing
Group Chat
Airdrops @ 25+ Players
In-Game Events

CUSTOM LOOT TABLES!! - These will change upon player request/suggestion/balancing
Military weapons are more rare while pipe shotguns exc. are more common.
Military ammunition is not as common so you need to craft
C4 is rare!
Kevlar is harder to find
Cans of beans spawn way more than other food items :smiley:
+Other Customizations



Good server, close community great admins!

We’re seeing a good deal of new players. Come on in and join us :smiley:

I keep trying to join this server but i keep getting IncompatibleVersions

That’s odd. We’re playing on the most recent version of the game. Let me take a look though.

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The server is running the most recent version of rust. You might try checking if your game is in “Dev mode” or that it is up to date. You can check if your game is set to “Dev” by going to your steam library --> right click on rust -> left click properties -> go to the betas tab -> check the drop down menu.

If your game is on the regular version of the game then try restarting steam to prompt an update. Otherwise I’m not sure what the problem is.


This server has a great community and the Admins are really friendly and help out new players( When theyre not cracking down on hackers of course) If you can I suggest to make BYOB your new home!

None of these worked sadly, I was already in the regular version and im fully up to date as far as i can tell.

That’s unfortunate. We had around 20 people on for 4 or 5 hours tonight so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Yeah, sucks I dunno why its giving me that, ah well maybe next update :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully it will be fixed. One of my friends is having the exact same issue as you and we aren’t sure why either. It could be that the install is bad or something to do with Oxide, but most people are joining just fine. Anyway, I hope it gets resolved.


Haven’t seen a server with mature admins to this level.
(This is not a paid endorsement, this is simply to promote this server as I think it should be getting a lot more attention:) )

Bump for justice

Try joining the server now. Check the ip at the top of the thread.