Brink Models

Is anyone working on models from the new Brink videogame that is currently out, I’ve heard from some people that it was not that great of a game but it reminds me of Army Of Two.

It’s more like TF2 and Battlefield in terms of team gameplay. The characters also look like TF2 people but with realistic textures. Personally, I’d like to see The Anger in GMod…


The thing is the game is customisable so there is alot of models to import if you want all the models.

Im just after completing the game and i must say its fun but too easy on hard in my opinion.

Well a potential porter/ripper could just stick to the archtypes since they’re all labeled.

if porting however starts i think we should go with full archtype sets first and go with mixing them later.

The game is essentially a subpar version of a more team based UT2k4. But as the models go - you might want to see what engine it actually runs on. If it’s one something for which tools already exist, then it should be usually too hard to grab some of the stuff. Obvkiously with a lot of work involved as textures go.

It uses id Tech 4, same as Doom 3.

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Holy shit that’s as old as Source.

In that case just open the pack files with winzip and extract the md5’s

not to mention id tech models looks horrible on source just look the doom 3 models already ported on gmod

It’s a modified id Tech 4, and it’s a new game with higher resolution textures.

The models should look fine in source.

The quake4 models I have look just fine as long as you tweak the specs.

Well im hoping one of the models has a mohawk or the hockey mask.

Definetly port “The Bug.” He’s my favorite looking.

we’re not porting stuff cause you (an individual) wants something, we’re porting cause we (the community) want it. not to be rude or anything, but rest asured, the bug is a full archtype set so we should see it among the results.

The problem with Brink right now is that it doesn’t use the same PAK system as previous ID Tech titles. Instead it uses a modified version it seems which can’t be unpacked with 7zip or Winrar. The models themselves look great so I can’t wait to see them ported! =D

Well I know that there’s a community that wants it, I’m part of a community so I’m just adding in my opinion is all. But, yeah I hope to see them all ported lol

Try to compare the two packs in a hexeditor. It’s possible that the changes aren’t too big.

This should help

Is this thread going to be dead also? Any progress?

No progress until extraction tool will done.
But as I read here there is no progress.

Oh, i got you. Damn…