BRINK Revival System

Now, for any of you that have played brink, the system of revival is something I’d like to see in GMod. I can’t find a video showing an example of the system, but I can explain it to those who have no clue what I’m talking about.

Once you are out of HP, you are incapacitated. When incapacitated, you lay where you were shot. The screen becomes black and white with two options at the bottom, one is to wait for a medic to throw your a syringe and the other is to respawn. You are able to look around from the perspective of being on the floor, but while incapacitated, people can finish you off by shooting or hitting you and you will be forced to respawn. If you wait for a medic, they come up to you and throw a syringe by holding the interact button. Once you have a syringe, you can choose what time you want to get back up since you can administer it at any point.

Since I host a lot of multiplayer maps like Paranoia/Insomnia and HL2 co-op, I’d want this to add to the co-operative feeling of it all instead of just a skirmish.

Neat idea, I liked that system better than most other games, Ill work on it a bit, See if i can animate a syringe on the current rig im using.