Britain's most Violent prisoner takes a 69 day vacation

From the movie Bronson…if any of you have seen it

…heres the refrence


The jpeg quality is outstandingly horrendous.

its completley fine for me… imean i uploaded through tiny pic

I don’t see anything wrong with the quality. Also the guy’s neck seems really stretched. :v:

shit…forgot about that

69 lol

In before “NOPE” joke.

I like the stache…that is all.

he was realeased from a penetentary for 69 days…then robbed a jewlery store and went back

I really like how you strayed a bit a way from your usual editing style (No offense, but I saw it in like %95 of your pictures).

I really like the color. Really sets the mood.

Nice use of blackbars.

Thanks…I tried doing something different for a change

i dont get?:smiley:

…here…you’d understand if you saw the movie bronson…