British Airport Firetruck (1980's)

I actually like this one a lot. And it’s not necessarily a perfect version of those 1980’s firetrucks for airports, but an inspirational one. I tried putting in some other types of instruments, threw a bit more work into the cabin and overhauled the steering system (it’s a lot smoother now!)
It features:
*Working gauges (Thanks, Trucker and Bondo)
*Steering and suspension
*Pulsing lights, newer system than my SWAT Truck (works a whole lot better)
*Applytorque engine,
*working buttons inside car, one for handbrake, another two for siren and lights,
*Realistic sounds with gearing (Thanks, Truckerdude!),
*Acceleration E2 script (Thanks, Kyle!)
*Anti-roll alike suspension system by hydraulics.
*Adjustment of height of chassis.

Some pictures:

And not last, a quick video on the truck:

But yeah. I tried putting more work into my wired system compared to overall design. Though I do think I succeeded on both!

Looks very nice… except that you forgot to thank me for the complete sound chip recode, oh well, don’t care.
Much more impressive in game though. I like it. A bit big though…

But my airplanes don’t catch on fire :v:

No really, you should spray ACF planes when they get shot down. That’s sexy.

I’ll spray planes if ever find some. Also YouTube is being bitchy and cuts in my audio, which is pretty frustrating. Hopefully the video of this beast will be up sometime soon.