British Armed Forces [W.I.P]

Just ripped the SAS model from S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 and I’m currently working on a port into Garry’s Mod, this is my first port so don’t expect anything too spectacular I’m still new at this :slight_smile: so go easy on me haha.

What I’m working with currently is 3ds max 2012 and umodel to get the models and textures and its going really well. If anyone’s interested I can release these as soon as I’m done. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

I’m going to work on 3 different skins, Temperate DPM, Desert DPM and a MTP Multicam skin.

The model as it is in 3DS Max, currently working on the helmet.

you could still use the Israeli helmets provided by csgo, looks great so far, if you need any texture work done, i would be willing to help

I managed to add one to the model, The CSGO IDF helmets always looks kind of small to me, I’d prefer to use this one without the goggles anyway. And if I need any help ill PM you :D.


I want to test the model, how will I go about exporting the model for use in Garry’s Mod, I have Wall Worm in 3DS max if anyone could link me a website or thread I would appreciate it.

I’ve managed to export the model into a .smd format, would anyone be able to help me compile this to a .mdl format.