British/Canadian and American Troops move through Liberated Town

Can’t find any way to edit this.

The first thing I thought when I looked at it was like that thing could really use some shading

Yee, I agree, with some sexy shading this would look even more awesome.

Really nice angle and posing.

It’s nice. I would love to edit but the isolation would take some time…

I really like this, its nice to see all the West allies together in one shot for once.

Are there any packs featuring unloaded weapons???

aaah a big family of clones, i like it

There’s the CoH Weapons pack.


where i can download that models(troopers tank and jeep)?

Models are maybe from resistance and liberation and if i’m right those skin are from the taggart huge dod skin pack.
You should add some german prisonners.

Finally, some Canadians!

Great picture. Good models, skins, camera angle, scale and posing.

This picture is a great example of how to make a picture look just fine without any editing - take note all you new people killing your pictures with bad editing!

Well I hope this wasn’t too much of a bump but thanks for the comments Ya’ll earn hearts