British Grenadiers / Redcoats - Player Models or Ragdolls ?

I was working on Episode 2 of my GMod Machinima series and came to a scene that need a British Grenadier or Redcoat ragdoll.

Is there anything like this for gmod, because I have looked almost everywhere?

For People who have no idea what I mean…

… So I can do this…

If there is a thread about this already, I’m sorry but I looked as best as I could.

Send me the download link or thread link please.

Help is much appreciated!

Someone could port models from a mod called The Battle Grounds II for HL2.

There are those grendiers (and some other classes) you are looking for (American and British) .

Maybe try searching on for these models, who knows… maybe they are already ported?

download Battlegrounds II and gm_mount2.

gm_mount 2 lets you mount games that usually isn’t on the game content list.
You can read more about it on the Facepunch thread.

Not worth downloading bgmod. The ragdolls are horrible.