British Infantry MTP

Here are some models Ive been working on for a while. This is the first ever time ive skinned for Garry’s Mod so they’re not as awesome quality as some of the stuff out there. But i tried my best and im pretty proud of the way they turned out.

Download Link



Full model without helmet.

Comparison to Project Reality model.

2 full models.

Close up of the sleeves.

Valve: The original models
tlsaudrl2548: BMS Headhack

This is your first attempt at making a model reskin you say? It’s a really good one, that’s for sure!

Will their be a opinion to have a mask on them? Great reskin btw!

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Cause I’m so funny Joazzz!

Yeah just use the bodygroup tool

I have that, just checking if it was left in


I always think that CS:GO dudes look like midgets, especially for those guys.

How did u make the reskin???

the lazy posing doesn’t do any justice to the skin, it’s a real shame because the skin is good…

and not full credit should go to me.
valve made models and base textures you know. I just head-hacked.

Ive changed the credits, so they are correct now.

I just used Photoshop to put the camo over the top of the original skin, its pretty simple.

i’ve bin trying that yours looks better than mine.

Can you upload it somewere els? like mediafire or something

You have more chance finding a time machine, going back to 2013 and ask your question, instead of bumping a dead thread.

Hey bud, Don’t bump dead threads, if you want these models link it on the Revised Thead:

Maybe someone still has a link or just search the steam workship. If you can’t find anything, just stick with the SAS models. I know the workshop has plenty of those.

Please do a desert dpm reskin!

You people are fucking everywhere.