British infantry platoon firing - aka "Attack of the Clones"

Completely unfeeling army of British clones conquered half the world in the 1700s. True story.

Here is the full version, I had to crop out a dude on the right who I forgot to give a musket… oops:

Blah blah terrible models with giant wooden hands and square hats - yes I know, but take a look at the original if you have the time:

I know this is full of errors, but C&C and all that jazz.

Yeah you really shouldn’t have used those models :v:

The effects 'n all is good as always, but you already know that.

Truely epic!
We need more of this around 'ere.

It’s either that or no picture. :doh:

Thanks, mate.

You get bonus points just for posing those terrible fucking models.

tried editing it myself and gave up., great stuff anyway! Really like different stuff like this.

I like :smiley:

Now make a hand to hand combat between an American Rebel ,and British Soldier!

Nice shading and posing.
You deserve a medal for doing such a nice pose with those models.

Great to see something different themed, Nice work as always Chesty.

He’s right, these clones are kinda gay

I hate to be one to stifle creativity, but those models seriously ruin the picture.

Usually, in a situation like this, I would just not even bother making the pose.

overall great pic but the models are completely horrible

it is low poly and not faceposable
ruins the pic a bit but the editing looks really nice

Very nice but just wait till the new type of Generic screenshots come out.

“Ghost kills british man” “British man kill russian”

Are those the BG models?

“British man and Scandinavian pimp shoot at Buddhist mafia gangsters off screen with tree trunk guns”

Advanced duplicator :downs:, still looks nice thought.

That must have taken a long time to pose.
I like the smoke and editing, too bad about those models.

Yeah, Battlegrounds 2 2.0 ones.

Soemone should really make this and americans with headhacks,i really like the smoke and muzzleflash effect :smiley:

Haha yes, it was a bit of an effort… but that’s why the advanced duplicator is so lovely. Thanks for the comment!

Gracias. It’s nice to get away from my '09 days of generic crap.

Thanks! Yeah I was thinking of making a big, swirling melee pose… but it would be really difficult with these models.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.