British Moving in on a German Trench British Troops running as they get shelled skip to 0:35

You should do different blasts.

reminds me of benjamin bottom

There are more trench maps than that old gmod one.

where can i get some trench maps at?

this one smaller than it looks but looks on gmod you should find some

No. Download WW1 Source, comes with plenty of trench maps. Playermodels suck though.

this has way to much blur on it

mortars are identical

good job on not making that obvious idiot

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - SteveUK))

Being nice and productive in replies don’t hurt you know.

i’m playing nice

Actually, this is him being nice. You should see him in a bad mood.

im use people being mean to me

Where did you get the models? WW1 Source?

nah from