British Patrol (first post!)

Didn’t get any British army guns… Oh well

First off all: learn to pose.
Second: Turn up graphics.

Not to bad…

+Its a proper map, not construct

  • Good attempt at finger posing
  • Turn AA on so that edges don’t appear jagged
  • Edit your pictures if you can to make it look better, but that is ultimately your choice
  • Sky is maybe too bright

Good luck in the future.

If you want a British gun, use the AWP. :wink:

For a first pose, not bad at all, there’s an SA80 in:
A LSW I think as well

Not bad for a first as above ones said. Keep working on the posing. ;D

It’s very good first pose.

Wow, probably the best first picture I have seen. But here is some criticism that is helpful to achieve:

Your posing isn’t bad, just stiff. Let up the limbs a bit. Experiment.

You have a proper map, works well with this pose, and the position of the map is good, but, try not to use a CS map next time. We have all seen them many times, you pictures will get bored of quick if you don’t change to a custom map.

The camera angle is a bit… out of line, move it to the right a bit, and add more DOF so the guy in the back is blurred. You don’t have to show all your effort to make it look good.

The graphics does need to be turned up, but on some computers, it crashes, or just slows the game down to about 0.5 FPS, so don’t worry about that if your computer can’t handle it. Mine cant.

Overall, this is a 3/5 picture. Better than alot of FP pictures, so you are on your way.

Good luck! Happy trails!



Also, use


Here would be an imagge without tags:

With tags


just put

at the begging of the link, and

at the end.


Heres a quick edit with GIMP:

Sometimes, editing can hide not having AA. It also adds more drama to the picture, so google GIMP get that and learn some tutorials. Even something as simple as a blur can make it cooler. It can sometimes hide the bad stuff you did also, like a mismatched finger in fingerposing.

Now, really, goold luck, and goodbye.

Looks great But your AA needs to be turned up.

First, ignore people like Zeraxify. Posing takes a lot of practice to build up your own style. As everyone has said turn the AA up and keep trying.

not bad for a first

No one patrols with a sniper rifle.