British SA80

I’ve done a search everywhere I could find models (and I could just be horrible at clicking “search”) and I have found no SA80 models.

I would love it if somebody could model this for me. (No need to texture, I just want the model so I can animate it)

Heres a pic:


Go to fpsbanana. They have plenty.

Search for “british” on and there’ll pop out some SA-80/L85’s on the first page.

@ Tunak Mk. II - Have you ever looked? I couldn’t look, FPSB is so far gone it only loads for me every 1 out of 40 times I try to go look at models. I still try to go there a lot though.

@Rick VIce - Ah. Okay. Funny thing is I have to get a virus scan every time I go to -.- (And i hate that so much i’m not going to go there)

Well, I’ll keep looking. If I can’t find one I’ll take the time to model one myself.
I’ve been so busy lately I hardly had time to come here, and it’s a weekend.

I don’t know why you would need any other gun than the Tec-9, everything else if for whitey to fuck around with.

Theres plenty on FPSB… what are you talking about?