British soldiers clear a room

Just a quick one.
100% ingame editting

When I look at it the brown colours blend together too much and it’s hard to seperate the soldiers from the brown background. However the posing is quite good. I’ll give that an artistic.

Nice work, i like the posing and light!

uh, British troops weren’t issued the m1a1 Thompson, and even of they did have one, it wasn’t
equipped with a drum mag (they are too heavy ant too expensive)

but nice screenshot

Some Commonwealth troops were issued Thompsons for the Italian campaign.

It looks alright, not much happening really.

still the didnt have drum mags

Of course they did. Drum magazines weren’t unique to the US Army.

any SMLE owners up in the house? love it man.

They didnt use M1A1s but they did use M1928s

That is NOT an SMLE, that is a Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.1 or 2.

yes… but they were rare because they were expensive and heavy
plus the foregrip is not standard

so now you say they did have them but they were rare

make up your mind you pedant.

Yes, but you didn’t say they were rare or uncommon, you said they were not issued drum magazines at all.


I think you’re getting Thompson M1A1s mixed up with Thompson M1928s
The one in the picture is an M1928, not an M1A1.

The Thompson was invented by John T. Thompson was invented in 1919 due to requests for a Trench Sweeper but due to WW1 ending in 1918, it was sold to the civilian market, the foregrip was kept on the model, it was adopted into miltary service in 1938 becoming the M1928A1. The staff of Savage Arms looked for ways to simplify the M1928A1, producing a prototype in Feb 1942 which was tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground Mar 1942; Army Ordnance approved adoption as the M1 in Apr 1942. Hence the birth of the M1 and M1A1.

oh i though short magazine lee enfield ment for all the models… wow im off today


Its a very good screenshot, +1 artistic.