"[Bro]NinjaAksu" - hacks. Anyone else have bad experiences with this guy?

So, playing rust on a private server I encountered this NinjaAsku guy - he was completely naked with nothing other than a pickaxe. I did not want to kill him on sight because I try to be kind to new players (the hatchet models are bugged so at this point I could only assume he had the most basic hatchet). So I try to communicate with him and he comes towards me, I walk back and he starts pulling his pickaxe up so I shoot him twice, hitting both times. He was completely naked and took virtually no damage as far as I could see. These shots where point-blank…

He took my stuff and ran off, now he meets my friend, who shoots 4 rounds of a shotgun and a full mag of a MP5 - hitting the majority of the shots as it was point blank, yet still, after all of this, he manages to kill my friend with one shot.

Now we are thinking this could be hacks, a few friends (4) come with us, shotguns and M4s (They may be M9s, I keep forgetting, but basically the best auto that takes 556 ammo). We find the guy in my rad suit (rubbish against bullets). Someone shoots him several times and he does not die - the same happened several times while people kept attacking him until everyone is dead, with nothing.

I think this was stupid, and in my opinion a sign of hacks or some kind of unfairness. Has anyone had any bad experiences with this guy? If so please post below. I am not raging or asking for some kind of perma ban, I simply want to see if anyone else has had bad experiences with this guy. We have decent players - not absolute noobs!

It’s worth noting, the moment I threatened to upload my footage online, he disconnected from the server with our stuff in some unknown location. I believe he was banned from our server. I will try and upload the footage later tonight, my internet upload speed has dropped massively!

Yea I had problems with him aswell as he just can not die with his GodMode hacks.

Although i mayhaps never faced this man the shotgun shells shouldve taken him out in like 2-3 shots and at point blank it would be hard not to die unless you have the more lethal gun.