Bro_Status by Wunce

  • Facebook contains so many useless status updates… if only there was some sort of mod which supplied me with useful status updates around 30 times a second… *
  • If only there was some sort of mod which allowed me to team up Alyx and an Antlion Guard so they could fight poison headcrabs together… *


This mod basically allows you to keep track of two “Bros” or buddies and conveniently displays their status on your hud.
Bros can be players or NPCs, with each having their own features.

Addon format so you should know how.


  • Easy system for adding bros: just bind “Bro” and then tap the key when very close and aiming at your future buddy
  • Displays health, current weapon and ammo remaining (overall)
  • Waypoints above your Bro’s head with the distance of how far away he is.
  • Add NPCs and they will immediately become friendly.
  • Command NPCs to do your bidding- movement and attacking

How to Use:

  • Bind “Bro” to a key. This adds a bro if you are close to them
  • Bind “Bro_NPC_Action” to a key. If you have NPCs this will command them
  • Bro_NPC_Action will tell NPCs to attack if you aim at a player or other NPC
  • Bro_NPC_Action will tell NPCs to move if you aim at open ground
  • Type “Bro_Reset” into console if you want to remove both bros


  • Can only have a maximum of 2 bros
  • ** Turns out adding a player and an NPC is broken at the moment. I’ll fix this soon **
  • If a player is ragdolled, the addon will break

Future Updates:

  • Optional laser sights so you can see what your bros are trying to hit-- Turns out this needs entities so I probably won’t get around to it
  • Change colour of waypoint and laser to suit your liking

Version 1 Download:

Limited Beta Download: (very basic, no npc bros and lacks colourful hud)

Super Special Thanks:

  • Fergo: Alpha Tester and Crazy Old Man
  • Daft: Alpha Tester


Yes I have a horrible computer, so ignore the shitty graphics and look at the key features.
Also I think these were (as facepunch likes to call it) “Jpeg raped”.

Your Bros will like each other and fight together:

You can make Bros run to locations:

You can make Bros target other NPCs or Players:

[sp] My first standalone addon [/sp]

this sounds useful to people who are on servers where you can’t use goto

I wish there was a creative rate.

I’ve almost finished the release version. Here is the lowdown on what’s new:

  • Add NPC’s as bros
  • Command your NPC bros
  • Waypoints above the head’s of bros
  • Better Hud rather than boring white text

I am having trouble with the textures I made though: They are black with lines of the correct colour showing through. I can post pics if you want to see.

You did a pretty good job at this

Seems pretty useful.

this seems very useful indeed. now im just wondering where you got that HUD… mind telling me?

My custom version of mint HUD.
Here is the original if you want it:

Is the new version that supports npcs out yet?

I’ll put up pics.
I will probably release it tommorrow

I’m sure Brohoster would approve of this.

This is awsome, but you can only add 2 NPCs :( Can you make you add 6 NPCs?

two problems- 1, I have to network NPC health because you can’t retrieve it clientside
2, I’ll need to convert everything to tables which could be a bitch


I can probably get 4 up for you, but it may take some time - I’m working on something pretty big at the moment

Ah, okay.

Can the NPC “goto” movements let them go further than usual? Say, from one end of flatgrass to the other? I don’t want to keep having to choose its waypoint if I happen to be using bro_status in a recording :v:

Flatgrass isn’t noded I’m affraid. Maps such as BigCity and Construct will let you move them from one side to the other - but without the nodes, NPC’s are only allowed to travel about 300 units before requiring a new order.

I recomend you try NPC control because it is better for recording purposes.