Broadcast - Teaser


fuck this image resizing shit

Not really digging the multicoloring, and the poses could use some work.

IMO, the intro was a bit cliché and not very exciting. But this is just my personal opinion, and others will of course have different views.

well of course it’s a teaser dummy it’s not supposed to spoil anything

be happy it doesn’t have a voice like in movie trailers

Teasers are supposed to tease, that’s why they’re called teasers, no? I mean I could be wrong, it’s just the way I view it.

What do you mean “be happy it’s doesn’t have a voice”?

uh okay forget I said anything

The poses in that last panel are… ridiculous. :downs:
But everything else is really awesome, looking forward to it.

There wasn’t any Overwatch soldiers in the Seven Hour War, but w/e.

It’s supposed to represent how the combine evolved, there weren’t overwatch soldiers but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t all striders fucking shit up

There was no humanoids with the combines during the seven hour war. So yeah it was pretty much only striders and synths fucking shits up.

Feh, it’s a GMOD comic, it’d be kinda boring imo if it only had synths doing the crazy but that’s just my opinion.

Looked pretty kick-ass, like much of the stuff you crank out.

That and it’s hard to get a close perspective on the squad if they’re fighting giant machinery


Thanks though

looks pretty cool