Broadcast - the comic that never got finished

I apologize if this is the wrong section, but I thought it could do with something more than the usual interactive comic thing.

This was a comic I worked on on-and off early summer. It never really got finished because I had real life things to do and I am not huge on picking up old projects.

I try hard to list everything in practicular order. There are going to be missing images, odd frames that do not fit- think of this as a sketchbook.

The air vehicles have landing gears down.

entire frames missing

stuff that actually made it past WIP

here are the images that were supposed to come after

and only after all this was supposed to come that intro, which is the only thing I really finished

and here are assorted images you might find interesting

That is truly well done! Especially compared to most on the stuff that is uploaded on FP.

Why not continue?

Because of a timetable that does not allow me to do it.

Not that I do not have any free time, in fact, I have more than the average person. The problem is that when making a comic, you mass produce images. It is inevitable.

The problem with mass production is that it leaves me unfulfilled.

Here is a picture by me, I spent 2 hours on it. The average time I spent on a comic frame was 15 minutes.

the difference is obvious

Oh I see.

Another question: Where did you get that male_07 soldier model? Is that an actual model, or did you use the inflator?

I used the inflator.

Woulda been talked about for years…

thanks, although I doubt it

Us oldies remember Riley’s Gray Saints. It’s still used as a standard.

Saints was made by 2 guys, this was being produced by just me

it failed for that very reason

Not really sure. As striker pointed out, there are still people who remember.

Getting a second opinion from time to time, does help a lot. And I’m not talking about a person who just says “Awesome bro!”.

How about GTR 222? Let’s see how many people remember that. Or how about the Infection comic made by Pyren? I’d name a few more, unfortunetly, I forgot the names, but I still remember the story and some of the pictures. Eh.

Shame you didn’t finish this, I actually liked it more than most of the finished garbage in the comics secton these days, even with the missing sections and lack of beginning or end. I know what you mean with picking up old projects though, i’ve been trying to do one comic of mine for the past few years but never get past the first few pages without getting distracted by real-life then not wanting to pick it up again.

That, and like you said the mass production of images required really takes it out of you when you try and make them all high quality.

Hah, I remember when that was finally released. Try seeing who remembers Grizzly’s work, or maybe even Apostasy. That’s going back a bit.

actually, I intended it to start out with that very panel- these are all in order until the actual credits thing

thanks for the compliments though, from you it means much

Now your just teasing with a pretty good piece of work that we’ll never see :crying:

It’s not just that. As you start to edit them (depending how big the actual project is), you improve. And you end up with the first few pages, not looking like the last ones. That also depends on which part you chose to edit.

“A bit” is not a strong enough word. :slight_smile:

Dude, that shit set the standard back before we even had gmod v.9 let alone the amount you can do with Gmod now.

and here begins the classic noob comment:
Really cool,you are sure you wont continue it? is one of the best- no wait THE BEST comic i ever seen! just a some questions:how you make these so much “realistic”
(see the frist screenshot of the presentation)
and,you used photoshop?

Good job, looks like you put more then a few minutes into each frame

This makes my comics look like utter shit. Even more because they are still WIP

Oh wow. You have created art sir.

I’m bumping, but god damnit I missed this and it deserves a shitload more attention.