Brock Lesnar

i’d prefer him wearing what he’s wearing

I can give you a head model if you provide more screenshots, especially close up ones of the head.

Progress thus far:

good work dude! and also Thanks

Still got some more adjustments to make, as well as the hair.

Great job dude thank you

lol can’t just rip from UFC 2010?

its not for pc

people have ripped from 360 before.

Cough Halo ports.

Cough Halo is for PC.

But, I’ll assume you meant Halo 3, and, in that case, you should know the Halo series is immensely popular so of course they’re going to find ways to rip it. Who’s going to go out of their way to buy, rent, or download a less-known wrestling game?

No one, that’s who. These threads always turn out the same way:

Thread Creator: Can someone rip models from this game?

Guy #1: You can’t do that- it’s on a console.

Guy #2: But it’s possible to rip from consoles!

Thread Creator: So, anyone going to do it?


Thread Creator: Anyone?

Crickets chirping

I of course meant halo series.

Just like 90% of people who talk about it.

How many of those people who say “Let’s play Halo” or “Halo, Halo” actually mean “Halo 1”?

I assume no one, since Wrestling is only appreciated by American morons. And hardly no one in their right mind would actually pay money to play wrestling games. But that’s not the point. Of my reply.

So, what is the point of your reply, to me?

I was merely replying to an inaccurate comment (Which isn’t you), in this case “You can’t port models from console games.”
It has nothing to do with you, or what you do, so do me a favor and don’t attach me in to that whine.

No, I’m pretty sure there’s people in other countries who also :appreciate" wrestling. I don’t know why you felt the need to denigrate Americans needlessly.

The point of my reply is that the Halo ports are irrelevant, meaning your comment was irrelevant and completely unnecessary. It does not fit under the definition of “whining” since whining entails complaining when I was merely pointing out a truth.

Pointing out that something is possible to a person who thinks it’s not isn’t irrelevant.