Brohoster Promotional for GMOD Servers!

Hey everyone, I’m just stopping by to let you all know of a new promotion we’re running at Brohoster.
I know a lot of you need websites for your servers/communities, so Brohoster is offering these promotional codes until May 31st!

[release]Promotional code GMOD50:
Get 50% off of your first bill if you order the Group, Community, or Unlimited packages.

Promotional code GMODUNLIM:
Get 25% off of the Unlimited package! This is a recurring coupon, so this will apply forever![/release]Please note these codes only apply to the hosting package, domains will still be full price. If you already have a domain, you can use it with Brohoster by setting the nameservers.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread, add me on steam, send me a PM, or fill out a sales ticket on the website.


Thanks :v:

This is the truth.

Jake sir, have a heart.


no homo

Damn good deals.

Looks nice. Once I have some spare time this summer I’ll definitely take a look.

Cool. Unfortunately this promotion won’t be around during summer, but knowing me I’ll probably have a summer sale or something.

Nice, my mate has his websites on Brohoster, good stuff!

Woo, we’re on now. Thanks Benji! :neckbeard:

Gotta love prices.

I’d love it if people actually took advantage of the promotional before it ends. :saddowns:

I’m going to be purchasing an unlimited plan sometime soon, don’t despair yet!

Sounds good to me. :smile:

Nice name/slogan.

Thanks. :v:

It looks really nice. Wish I had some money at all.


But these look ridiculously - in an awesome way - cheap.


Heh, just noticed the *no homo

Heh heh. :science:

How fast would the website be if your Australian. Would it be quicker from Signapore or California?

Why not ping to to test?

Because the site is hosted in Dallas, probably not where he will buy his web hosting and because the ping doesn’t really matter, it’s a speed test that he should be more concerned about.