Broke my Kinect drivers

I bought a Kinect today solely to use within Garrys Mod, I installed the runtime drivers and the SDK drivers as suggested on the Wiki page and got into game. The Kinect bar appeared in the corner but in game the model wouldn’t work and the video screen in the corner wouldn’t appear. I uninstalled the drivers and installed them again but when running the set up for them they installed in less then a second and now when the Kinect is plugged in the lights no longer appear on it and it’s doesn’t appear in device manager anymore.

I had the Kinect unplugged when installing it and restarted after installing the drivers!
Any help would be appreciated.

Okay using Microsoft fix it I uninstalled everything to do with Kinnect then re-installed the drivers. The Kinnect now comes on and in the device manager I can see the Kinnect along with 4 different Kinnect things but I can’t get it to work at all within Garrys Mod.

Just got the SDK tools and the Kinect isn’t actually showing anything within the tools.

Re-installed all the drivers again and Windows recognizes them but nothing comes up in the SDK tools, the Kinect is just sitting there flashing with a green light.

Done a lot of Googling and it seems quite a few people are having the same problem as me and no one seems to have found a fix.
Someone else with the same issue, going to try the 1.5 SDK now

No luck with 1.5 how ever I have noticed that now in device manager the camera driver is constantly reappearing.

Just tried it on a second PC and having the exact same issue with the flashing light, go into game and the Kinnect option is there unplug the Kinnect and it goes.
Pluged it into the 360 and it works fine.

Am I doing something wrong?