Broken animations?

Alright, so I am using a version of tacoscript (which works perfectly on another server of mine, and pretty well on this one minus the animation problem). So basically when ever you are holding a weapon in the aiming position the animations get all bugged and you become slouched over(this happens with all weapons, here are two examples)

Also, jumping is severely bugged as you can only jump less than half of the time (when you can’t it’s like a mini hop where you don’t get up in the air more than a few inches) and when you do jump the animations are bugged (you begin to run in the air)

I have figured out that it is not a game mode error as I am using the exact same copy of the game mode on a different server and I get no problems with animations. Anyone have any idea what could cause this?

This also happen no matter what model as long as its animations are based off of citizen animations.

Upload the Source 2007 models to the server.

Thanks so much… I installed tacoscript on there like two months ago and had forgotten I never did that.

Does it get uploaded to the root/HL2/models folder or garrysmod/models?

Uh I think he already fixed it!

I am trying to do the same thing.



Cant hurt atleast.

I’ve checked over and I can’t seem to find the Source 2007 Models that used to be there, have they been moved / deleted and is there another download source? Apart from that, is there any other fix?

I have found a file on another website called:

Source 2007 shared models.gcf

Could that possibly be the same thing