Broken city


wow great scenebuild
nice job

Very nice. I tried battlefield scenebuilds before and they’re pretty hard to do, but you nailed it perfectly. That fog really adds atmosphere.
Also, is that a mortar behind sandbags on the lower left? I was looking for mortar models for some time, and I would like to know where you got it.

Thanks and the mortar should be in ninja’s ww2 pack

Always love to see HL2 content. Hand posing needs work and composition could be added to, overall good tho :goodjob:.

Very well done. Only complaint is the arm holding the clip, looks kind of weird.

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Where are these props from by the way? Have a difficult time recognizing them/

Looks fantastic!

thanks and a lot of the foreground props are ninja’s german pack so the sandbags , wire and mortars, stuff on ground where he stands is from the mask’s megaprop pack in the debris > water section then background ruble is from some fallout pack, a RO2 pack and again the mask’s scenebuild pack, combine stuff from hl2 obviously