broken combine npc

shit, every time I spawn a combine soldier (Regular, not prison or super), it comes out in pink and black checkers, what can I do to resolve this issue?

I know it doesn’t list your problem in there, but it’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried it already.

Verify the integrity of the HL2 GCF. You just right click it in steam and go properties, then look for the right button.

Well somehow my combine model got replaced by another one, and i need the old model back, how can I fix this?

Just delete the custom one. It will load the old one from the GCF.

I honestly don’t know which one it is, is it possible to download the old combine file model anywhere so I can just put it in my garrysmod folder?

Downloading a model is probably what gave you the problem anyway. Just look here:


You’ll find Combine_Soldier.MDL, along with the five (or six if you have a Combine_Soldier.XBOX). Delete all of the files associated with the Combine_Soldier.MDL, and your game will use the default model from the Source Models GCF.

If not what I mentioned, check this advice about verifying your archives.

Tyvm sir, It was that addon I installed, “Combine Infantry”, Sigh.