Broken Decals and sprays not showing up

Hey there, I’m having this problem that’s really annoying and i want a fix for it.

Whenever i crowbar a wall, i can see the decal. If i crowbar again, i still get a decal but the previous one disappears.
same thing with guns, and most everything that creates decals.

The paint tool doesn’t work. I can’t see anything when i use my paint tool.

and finally, i can’t see sprays. Not a single spray.

anybody know how i can fix this?

Try typing this in console:
mp_decals 200

Didn’t work. also in my console it said mp_decals was set to 5000. I changed it but still nothing fixed.

Maybe something from this thread can help you

try running the game with -autoconfig on launch options, exit then remove the -autoconfig, then run the game again
this will reset configs so if you have custom video setting or controls or others, you may need to re-set them again, fixed my problem though

sv_allowupload 1

Try it.