Broken effect and collision.

I am almost finished with my map, and I kinda have to make a little destoyed shack.
So I decided to make it as model not brush work.
But I got a problem
I am not good at 3ds max, I can build only basic stuff.
But the only things I want to ask are:

What’s the easiest and best way to make a effect of broken off wood?
Like in picture:

And other question is:

How do I make a model without collision so that it would be static?
I want to make a walls to be solid in hammer by using some type of nodraw or so.
So how do I leave it without collision so that it doesn’t generate one itself.


Btw I am using 3ds max 9

Well, the end of the wood could be made to look like it is broken by it’s texture (by using alpha). If you don’t want a model to have a phys model (the collision) just don’t include the .qc commands for it.

Won’t the players in gmod see that little green circle in middle of model then?

Another solution might be to model something really tiny, like a part of the shack that isn’t going to be touched(say, a part under the ground in the map, for example). Use this model as the collision model, and the full shack as the graphical model. That way the model doesn’t do the green circle thing in Gmod, but the collisions are all under the ground so you can’t phygun or collide with the shack graphic. (well, not without no-clipping out of the map anyway, and at that point, who cares?)

I haven’t the time to try it myself, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. Assuming of course, your shack is near the ground or a wall and not floating in space, so that there is a convenient wall to hide the collision part of the shack in.

oh, thanks. Gonna try that.
But I might as well make a collision model. Not sure yet.

But how do I make it static?
was it something like
$staticprop or what?

I don’t think that you see the green circles in map props. Think of all the maps (like the TF2, Hl2 and CSS) that have effects in them, but with no circles.

The effect circle only applies when you spawn an effect ingame; even then, it only shows up for the crowbar, gravity gun, physgun, and toolgun.

Technically, all that circle is is a bugbait that’s been set to alpha 0 with a green circle around it.

I think it is the watermelon prop actually.

Btw guys I am almost done with my model.
Finished texturing
Now gonna give a give it a go with collisions.
Maybe something will work out.

Here I made it.

Here I made it

release it to public please <3

Awesome piece of work! Or remains of one anyway…seeing as it’s falling apart now.

That would make a cool place to park a Gmod self made car.