Hey, any time I join a sandbox or Zombie Survival game, my garrysmod breaks almost completely.

Heres what happens:

-HUD Reverts to normal (I have a custom HUD)
-Players names when they speak are pink.
-I cant see speech bubbles (The things that show you are speaking in the bottom right)
-I don’t have the toolgun
-I cant see the TAB menu, not even a mouse shows up.
-I cant see the Q menu, not even a mouse shows up.
-I cant see any decals, like bullet holes.
-My guns don’t fire visible bullets. When I shoot, occasionally streaks or red from bullets will come out of the barrel, this happens no more.

Oh and let me tell you what I have to do to fix this: Create a brand new Garry’smod folder.

Please tell me how to prevent this from happening! It’s really annoying!


C’mon! Someone has to know something!

You’re dll. files are pretty much f^&@ed up.
The only options is to restart you’re Gmod file or fix the file.

Verify files in GMod.

Reinstall and remove all your crappy addons which are causing your game to fuck up.

Okay, thanks everyone.