Broken Fingerpose on Personal Skin

It appears as though my once-working personal skin has become broken.
I’ve yet to find info on doing the whole pretty button style of the Gmod Linkage,
so sadly I’ll do it the old way of just posting the link:

At one time, as one will see in the pictures, I had fingerpose.
Now I do not.
I went into the Dark Messiah addon and tried on the original version of the skin, same thing.
I’ve noticed quite a few other models in various packs n’ such I have also have this problem.
I suspected Toe Poser had something to do with it, and deleted it from my addons.
Several of the ones that were broken for me before when I had Toe Poser then started working,
Ex. Batman: AA’s Joker/Harley/Batman/Scarecrow (But not Killer Croc, Ivy, or Bane)

Unfortunately, many others did not work even after I deleted Toe Poser.
I’m curious if anyone happens to know of a way to solve my current issues as well as if it is possible to rig the current model, my personal skin, to a more ‘floppy’ skeleton.

So on short: Um… Please help?

Bumping out of final hope.
Six more days and I’ll let it die.
Thank you for your time.

Here you go. It was just a matter of renaming bones to the Valve biped ones. I’ve renamed it npc_guardfingerpose, in case for whatever reason the original model starts working again. Since I’ve decompiled it, eyelids unfortunately don’t work. You have fingerposing and toe posing back though!

I’ve also increased each joint’s maximum constraint by 20, so that should give you a bit more flexibility.

Glorious, Thank you so much.