Broken game update?

I just tried to play again after playing no more than 90 minutes earlier and no matter how long I waited or how many times I refreshed the page no servers would show up. I quit the game and noticed that there had just been a 14.2mb update for the game in my downloads list. I asked all the people I play with to relaunch the game and see if there was an update but there wasn’t. So steam downloaded an update for the game that apparently doesn’t exist for anyone else or something? I tried verifying integrity of game cache to no avail, also tried reinstalling and still nothing. Wat do?

You might need to opt out of the beta on steam, have a look at this:

Quote from that post:

Servers are being Ddosed at the moment.

So that’s where US Eastern 2 (No Pvp) is! This Westerner was gonna cry!

Edit: fixed format and wanted to ask - how long does the cleanup usually take - a few hours? All night? Mainly I wanna ask cause I should be studying for University stuff instead of spending time chopping trees repetitively and teaching Babe that the only “that’ll do” is how much chicken a pig can create. So if it’s down all night I’ll stop obsessively checking the servers every 20 minutes.

Give me my tree fix YOU FIENDS!

No, seriously, chopping trees isn’t addictive at all…

What do you mean?

I meant it wasn’t coming up for me, so I was getting worried - I’d finally built myself a house

Oh I currently play on that server as well :). Is this an update? I feel like it’s a ddos though? What’s your in game name?

jakesguilmon, I try to keep my antics secret thanks to Captain Suicidey

Right Im Agent Dobird!

I’ve seen an Agent somebody-or-other but I only bought this game Monday night/Tuesday morning after the…fairly flattering review on Penny Arcade. Tbh I’ve spent a long time just trying to get collected with the suicide hacking depriving me of my axes and loot or the evil man (may he burn forever) who stole my (arguably small in comparison to others) 86 metal, 100 gunpowder, 20 arrows, bow, 200 wood and 80 chicken. I opened my door to kill a zombie that had chased us, he stood in the doorway and swiped all my stuff and cause it’s PvE I couldn’t kill him or trap him inside in time. I chased him down because I was planning to wait for him to die on his own and take back my crap but… lag allowed him to get too far ahead of me.

/my life’s story

Talk to me in game I will hook you up man.