Broken Generator

I have this room in my map, the player enters and he spots a broken generator. He must find a gear/cog to put back on the generator and pull a lever to start it. The generator powers a blast door to open and the player leaves. How would I go about doing this? Are there any tutorials?

Ok, get a prop_physics, a filter_activator_name, and a trigger_once (or trigger_Multiple, whichever works for you), and put the trigger at the place where you put the cog or gear, and name the prop_physics whatever you want. Use the filter_activator_name to make sure the trigger only recognizes the prop_physics. Once you’ve done that, make the trigger where you want and make it link to the filter_activator_name. Once all that mess is done, make the trigger unlock the button when activated by the prop_physics. The button will be the lever, I’m assuming. Then once the button is pressed by the player, have it set to open the door.

Add a logic_auto to lock the button on the map spawn, if thats what you want.

If the part about the filter_activator_name wasn’t clear - heres a link.

Thank you very much. Now I just have to find something to put in the generator.

What the- It brought me from one thread to another thread. Weird. Snip.