Broken Gmod Disscussion

So, it has become apparent that a lot of people have been having troubles joining games due to some “engine update”
yet i was able to join D3 (i was bored thats why) and others are able to join other games and not crash. so there is obviously some sort of fix or immunity to this issue. mr white was having issues joining my game as well as some other people who just follow me wherever i set astray. so i was hoping other people had gathered information and or are currently working on a fix or have a fix or just want to chit chat about the situation as well as other petty squabbles. if you have yet to try joining a server then you may want to check it out. so while Garry is chillin’ in Egypt we have to take it upon ourselves to come up with some sort of temporary fix while he accumulates sunburns.

Things that don’t fix it:
verifying integrity of game cache
deleting game cache
re installing
re re installing
lowering amount of extensions
removing a few addons
removing a lot of addons
sitting and throwing things at wall I.E
other monitor
other other monitor
half eaten apple
what have you

so while we have a nice list of things that DON’T work, why don’t we add onto it and use good ol’ process of elimination to fix it.

great, everything is broken again thanks to valve not fucking thinking ahead.

Isn’t Garry on vacation or something? We’re all fucked.

yeah thats the attitude this thread needs.
as i said screaming and throwing things isnt going to help the situation… what will

stealing gmode from someone who had updates disabled

you could get the last engine download from someone who hasn’t downloaded the update yet, then start gmod with -insecure so it won’t update

exactly… now i happen to have updates dissabled on my mac… however its for mac and its on a mac and i dont care to touch that thing let alone lay my fingers on WASD so if somebody who hasnt updated who also is on PC is willing to walk us through this then do so.

or we could all find lives or fuck around with gmod 13 for a week

does watch anime in a cold dark room substitute “get a life” in any way?

I just play the beta while the regular is down.

thats avoiding the problem, not fixing it.
this isn’t an avoid the problem thread.
its a try to fix it thread.

Agreed. Some of us have payed servers with paying customers. We need to find a fix ASAP.

advertise the thread until it reaches somebody who may have a fix.

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Anyone have non updated files? Also when is garry supposed to be back from vacation.

mastercookie did but he updated right after i told him not to update… landed his ass here which is why he’s butthurt.

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You can’t fix it.

This is why I haven’t bothered re-installing Garry’s mod till 13 gets fully released. (as in no more beta)