Broken Gmod?!

Hi, havnt played on Steam for about 2 months but i just had the urge. i just uninstalled then reinstalled steam and all my games because i wanted to swap over to my other HDD for more space, so after i’d done that and loaded up Gmod ive got some cool toybox thing which i didnt have before, but when i try dropping other content into the addons folder they dont show up ingame anywhere in any folder i tried to browse (and they are suppose to go in the addons). anyone know whats crackin off?

no, everything works fine for me, something on your end. ToyBox is the Cloud. see the FP sub-section about it

thnx for replying but ive realised what ive done now, instead of creating a shortcut on my desktop to the folder location i copied it instead :stuck_out_tongue: so im putting addons into a folder not connected to the game lol, my mistake :stuck_out_tongue: