Broken ironsights due to skins.

I just want to know that if there are any skins that work with iron-sights for weapons packs for example mad-cows. I have some skins for my Desert Eagle, MAC10 and Spas12(HL2 spas 12) and my iron-sights don’t work. The camera just moves to the right side of the gun and there is no cross-hair to help me. Also i have tried deleting the V_hands and ANY FILE RELATED TO THE SKINS but they seem to disappear. So if there is any way to get a skin pack that makes the skin COMPATIBLE with iron sights that would be magical. Or maybe just revealing the folder where it’s nestled and hidden in would be nice. Thank you for reading.

This happens because the weapon skin origins aren’t the same as the original models, to which lua coding was tailored around. If your skin uses the same animations or such as the original model, then the ironsights should mostly work. Otherwise, it’s pretty much unfixable as far as I know unless you altered all the animations onto the working origins.