Broken lasers on CSS deathrun maps

I have maps from CSS on my deathrun server, and there is a problem:
Lasers on this maps does not do anything - on this map i got only working laser on spawnpoint, all other lasers is broken - but on this map all lasers is working fine.

Lasers on this two maps have almost same keyvalues, but they are don’t work on first and work on second map.

Question: why lasers is broken on almost all CSS maps and how to fix them?

P.S. Of course they working fine in CSS

It’s because most of these maps that use lasers use an info_target as the destination and gmod, for some reason, doesn’t like that.

Hmm. If i create dummy entity with same pos as info_target and point lasers to it - they will work?

for _,e1 in pairs(ents.FindByClass('env_laser')) do
	local e2=ents.FindByName(e1:GetKeyValues()['LaserTarget'])[1]
	local vec=e1:GetPos()-e2:GetPos()

Now that is a rough fix, use traces to make it beautiful.