Broken Link: Simme's Museum of Natural History

I was looking on today and found a map I wanted but when I pressed “download” it threw up an HTTP 403 error. I’ve tried logging in but to no avail. Was the file uploaded incorrectly? Or can Simme explain this please?

Also if you cannot fix the broken link, can Simme upload it somewhere else please?

By the way, it’s a very lovely and detailed map.


Here is the map in case you needed proof:

Click on download and you will see what I mean.


Is no one going to respond? Why?


I would really like this map and I hate the fact that an error like this is preventing me from downloading it. Can someone, maybe even Simme himself please respond? If everything fails can you send the file to me?

Okay no one has responded so I’ll go into more detail: I think it depends on where I am. Over 100 people have downloaded this map no problem, but I can’t. I’m currently using Internet Explorer 8 and am accessing the website from the United Kingdom. Can you suggest some kind of region fix?

I get the same thing

Tells me there is no file of any type connected to the XML file.

Uh oh. Then this means the file was misuploaded. I hope and pray the creator finds out about this. He worked so hard on that map, only to find out no one can download it.

I have been getting the same problem, and I relized every time somone clicks “Download” it puts up a download, even though you didn’t download it.

If I am not mistaken this looks very similar to a counter strike source map?

It looks fine to me…I can reupload it if you want

Bah…it begins to downloads and just quits. Sorry

i want this map too :frowning:

I should also note that models featured in the map are included in the dowload. If possible, can someone reupload both?


NO WAIT! Hold on this map is downloadable elsewhere. This is one that people should have paid attention to the name of:

The map is called de_museum_beta1, and it’s the exact same one that Simme tried to upload.

Ha. And I thought me might have actually made the map himself. Ah well.

I was right before when i posted, he stole it tried to upload for gm.