Broken Mesa

Broken Mesa is a machinima project that me and some people working on.
In layman’s terms, it’s like a “Blue Shift 2”, thus, the main plot being Barney Calhoun’s escape from the Black Mesa complex in new mexico, many of the already known characters will be present but we will also meet new characters created for this project, if anyone is interested in supporting us with skinning, mapping and such, please PM me.

Looks really cool.

Reminded me of RE a bit

Thanks for posting lol.

I’d be glad to help out if this actually goes somewhere.

Barney escaped with some others in that SUV. What else do you want to build in the story?

Why don’t you just make a machinima based off some other securtiy guards?

He escaped in that SUV, that’s right, but there’s a long way between New Mexico and any nearby cities, and the HECU are looking for anyone who managed to escape, so yeah, we got a story.
We even made a script.

this could be really good or a total shit storm. Do you have an video footage to show us?

We are working on the stuff right now, im making the models and such, i could make a trailer but not at the moment.

A complete script? Sounds good. About that trailer…

i actually rated this artistic back in 09? wow…

Glad to see that this project took off successfully.