Broken physgun

Today I started experiencing this error. My physgun shows up in a very weird way. It shows pieces of an error near the top and when I try to use it, it looks as if I was trying to look into the sun. But in thirdperson, it looks completely normal. I really don’t know what caused this problem and I can’t really tell any more details. I have some screens though:

This is what it looks like in firstperson:

This is what it looks like in thirdperson:

And this is what it looks like when using primary fire on something:


Screenies aren’t showing up, but try defragging, and reinstalling Gmod.

This only happens when I play on my dedicated server.

Come onto one of mines and try it, Should work on mine or just some random server. You might have messed up one of the files.

I know it works on other servers and singleplayer but I need to know what to do in order to fix this.

I can go check here fast.I cant find the original one but there is some “cooler” replacements:

Then all of them:

Choose witch one u want, I hope it helps.