Broken Roads

While I made some good progress with posing ragdolls, I always felt that my enviroments were somewhat lacking. So I set up a bit of a challenge for myself, creating a picture where the main focus is on the enviroment.
Though the setting is quite generic, the post-apocalypse atleast has some good options for a few creative landscapes

Any Feedback is welcome

You nailed the foliage density, and the darker spots look great. Awesome job. What vehicle models are these by the way? Can’t recognize them

Looks pretty great. Love the colors.

something about the very blurry lighting bothers me, but admittedly working with sharp shadows for so long has made me a bit biased

the scene setup itself looks great

The vehicles are from the “Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles Pack” on the Workshop. Though I don’t know if it can be found somewhere else. The pack is only a reupload because the original was apparently removed