Broken Scoreboard [HELP]

Hello all,

I have always admired this scoreboard that I located on LINK

Although it is marked as broken many servers uses this scoreboard, that has led me to believe that a simple error of coding might be the cause.
This is what error appears in the console when I pressed TAB although I have disabled FAdmin.

It is hands down the best scoreboard and Garry’s Mod, if anyone with lua experience could look into the code and try figure out the problem myself and needless to say the entire Garry’s Mod community shall thank you.


This was made for a very old version of DarkRP and GMod. If many servers are using it, then there might be an updated version on the workshop, otherwise, you’ll need to convert it yourself.

To my knowledge this is out dated but ill take a look for you later when i get the time to see if i can fix it. It could be just one of your addons conflicting but most likely not seeing as I’m just skimming over the code right now and I think I see some of the errors.

Sadly there isn’t a workshop version.