Broken Server


My developer has recently fucked with my Dark RP server (unintentionally), and has broken some things. I have restricted his access to the FTP, and I am going to attempt to fix it myself.

  1. ‘In Q - Utilities - Falco’s Prop Protection - admin settings’ everyone can edit these settings. How can I change it so only superadmins are able to change these settings.

  2. Somehow the chat has reverted back to sandbox. The gamemode is still Dark PR, and voice chat hasn’t been effected, but now when people type it sends the message globally as well as uses their steam name. If anyone could help me fix this, I would be forever grateful.

EDIT: Found out that you can’t even select jobs anymore. When you go into f4, choose your job, in the chat it writes //jobname and does nothing. Please help!

You could simply replace the broken files by new ones, and keep the darkrpmodification folder.

Apart from that, not much else I can say based on the info you gave

One of the issues is I’m not a coder and I don’t know what files were broken haha. Is there any information I can provide that can help someone with helping me?

The code

Although it can’t be that hard to fix DarkRP? Just reset the core files and check the custom ones to see what he stuffed up

Ok I have deleted the darkrpmodification addon as well as the darkrp game mode. Reinstalled them from scratch and the issue still hasn’t been fixed. Any ideas what else can be done?

Could be an addon, or possibly a file in garrysmod/lua/autorun

I have just re-installed all the files, and slowly adding things to see what it was. Thanks everyone for the help.

Now the other question I have - is there a way to modify what ranks can edit the admin settings in falco’s prop protection?

Send this to your dev.

Tell your “dev” to use a version control system like SVN or Git.