Broken Spawn Menu?

Alright so recently I have discovered that when I play Garry’s Mod **In any server but the ones I create from my main menu **(Not SRCDS) I am unable to open up my Spawn Menu. It doesn’t give me errors or anything of the sort just NOTHING happens I can’t even open it on my own SRCDS server, it must be Main Menu created. I have tried deleting my Gmod folders, un-installing and re-installing, re-binding, binding to a new key and this problem persists. This is a legit copy of Gmod and I am running Windows Vista (x64)

Any suggestions or fixes to this problem would help Thanks.

Er this is my second time posting this because I accidentally posted it in general discussion and it was Locked. So yeah… any help is appreciated.

We can’t believe that you have a legit copy unless you give us a WORKING link to your Steam profile.

Right, sorry.

Sounds like a dead end, But I’ll check around some.