Broken vehicles?

Lately ive been trying to download vehicles because i wanted to make this movie thing but whenever i go to open up Gmod and see if it works it never does. it will work with any other kinda of add-on except for .lua files which is another problem because people tell me to save those to C:/Programfiles/steam/steamapps/(my name)/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/weapons but mine doesent have a weapons folder in the lua folder

anyone know how to fix or what the problem is?

It should have a weapons folder. Try installing to addons and see if that works.

The addons folder isnt really my problem it’s jsut that every kind of file will work except .lua because my folders are broken or something and whenever i download a vehicle for example : there i made SURE it said it was drivable before i downloaded it but when i went to check if it worked in-game it never does and never has. I might be putting it in the wrong place tho