Brokenh3arts Revival

So, i guess im gonna start doing poses again, its been a while but meh.

These are all my old poses new ones soon to follow.

Its a revival

Gmod 9

and Gmod

I remember you

I remember you, aswell.

superscatman said what i was going to say

but your images were blurry and dark

which was shef

which was p popular back then

Extreme SHEFing :confused:

Ah, remember you, I do.

SHEF. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember you :frowning:

Who are you?
Also excessive bloom in every pic.

He is brokenh3art.

You… I remember you. You were teh leetsauz back in teh day. welcome back

What makes him famous?

Dunno, did someone said he was famous :o?

Well if he comes here saying: Hurr my Revival and everybody says:“Mhmhmhm I remember you” something must have made him famous.
Im curious.


we just remember him

Question answered.

huzzah, i alas find out im not famous

Ouch, the bloom.

For those who bring up the bloom issue.
Shef’fing was very big back in the day

Go back to your grave.

Man Facepunch has changed in the last 4 years