Broly Model For Garry's Mod

First post on this site, so I hope I got the right section for this kind of thing. There is a Legendary Super Saiyan Broly model I’ve been wanting into Garry’s Mod 13. I have tried, and tried to work with this model and exporting it to an SMD file, but I can’t get the bones and what not to work out and grouping it is a pain. I’m not an experienced person in source, so I thought I’d come here to find a more experienced person to rig this for me.


There’s a picture of the model. It has a single texture, for the whole body, and there are no doubles, removed those. I would rig this myself but for the fact I haven’t clue what I’m doing doesn’t help. There aren’t any tutorials anywhere that I found either. If you want to take this model up for try, click the link below to get it, and if you finish it, just put it on the workshop and let me know.

Thanks for anyone who can help.